we are at the big e in massachusetts! all orders will ship mid-october when we return.

gourmet vanilla marshmallows

toasty vanilla marshmallows PRE ORDER

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~*We are at The Big E! All orders placed right now will ship in mid-October when we are back from the fair.**

our spin on traditional!

i needed a way to make vanilla marshmallow extra-special. enter: toasted sugar. extra floofy and with an unexpected warmth that makes these vanilla marshmallows anything but "vanilla."

Size: Bag of 10 handcut ~1.25x1.25" marshmallows

Ingredients: Sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, vanilla, salt, corn starch

Storage: Cool, dark, and dry! Sunlight, air, and heat are the enemies of the marshmallows. In a pantry they're best within 3-4 months, in a fridge or freezer, up to a year (just let them come back to room temperature before enjoying for maximum floofiness!) 

**Note: our corn syrup is 100% fructose free

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